Picture Name Affiliation Position Office Phone Number
kmagbe2's picture Koffi Agbekpenou Neurology
  • Medical Records Correspond Clerk/UKHC
tjai222's picture Timothy James Ainger Neurology
  • Assistant Professor
800 Rose St
aal554's picture Ayman Al-Salaimeh Neurology
  • Assistant Professor
800 Rose St
RALCA2's picture Ramona M Alcala Neurology
  • Research Associate/UKHC
yal243's picture Yessenia Y Alvarez Neurology
  • Administrative Support Associate I/UKHC
740 South Limestone
par227's picture Patricia Arnold Neurology
  • Nurse Clinical Research II/UKHC
740 S. Limestone St. (859) 218-5443
jravas0's picture Jagannadha R Avasarala Neurology
  • Professor of Neurology
  • Director of the MS/Neuroimmunology
740 S. Limestone
dmba234's picture Dawn Michelle Baker Neurology
  • Administrative Research Assistant/UKHC
740 South Limestone St Room #L011 (859) 218-5055
NKWAGN0's picture Nancy Kay Barrett Neurology
  • Advanced Practice Provider I/UKHC
Ky Clinic
bnbart3's picture Barry N Bartley Neurology
  • Medical Records Chart Coord Sr/UKHC
baumann's picture Robert J Baumann Neurology
  • Regular Faculty
mkbens2's picture Meriem Katreneda Bensalem Owen Neurology
  • Clinical Faculty
jrbneuro's picture Joseph R Berger Neurology
  • Regular Faculty
AKWI223's picture Anna Katelyn Brown Neurology
  • Advanced Practice Provider II/UKHC
740 South Limestone
dmbrow4's picture Donna Marie Brown Neurology
  • Patient Services Coordinator Senior/UKHC
mebrun3's picture Meghann Elizabeth Bruno Neurology
  • Nurse Clinical Research II/UKHC
740 Limestone St
jjch223's picture Joshua J Chalkley, DO Neurology
  • Assistant Professor
800 Rose St
dkchan1's picture Darrell Kent Chaney Neurology
  • Staff Support Associate I/UKHC
csch232's picture Connie Sue Chilton Neurology
  • Staff Support Associate II/UKHC
740 South LImestone St
eco222's picture Eileen Coen Neurology
  • Psychometrist/UKHC
smconn1's picture Shayla Conner Neurology
  • Patient Relations Assistant II/UKHC
GLCORN2's picture Gary L Cornell Neurology
  • Department Administrator Associate/UKHC
amcowa2's picture Ashley M. Cowan Neurology
  • Patient Services Coordinator/UKHC
740 South Limestone St.
BBCOY2's picture Beth B. Coy Neurology, Sanders-Brown Center on Aging/Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
  • Advanced Practice Provider I/UKHC
1030 S Broadway (859) 257-0583
fde226's picture Florin Despa, Ph.D. Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences, Cardiovascular Research Center, Neurology
  • Professor
459 Wethington Bldg, 900 S Limestone St, Lexington, KY 40536-0200 859-218-0291
ecdown3's picture Emily C Downing Neurology
  • Psychometrist/UKHC
maen226's picture Madison A Enzweiler Neurology
  • Patient Services Coordinator/UKHC
740 South Limestone
DBFEE2's picture Dominic Fee Neurology
  • Associate Professor of Neurology
Department of Neurology University of Kentucky Medical Center KY Clinic (Wing D) - L445 Lexington, KY 40536-0284 (859) 323-6702
degilc2's picture Danielle Elizabeth Gilchr Neurology
  • Patient Services Coordinator/UKHC
800 Rose St
acgl224's picture Amanda C Glueck Neurology
  • Assistant Professor
lbgo223's picture Larry B. Goldstein Neurology, ODEI
  • Professor
zgu226's picture Zain Guduru, MBBS Neurology
  • Assistant Professor
800 Rose St
jagur's picture Julie A Gurwell Neurology
  • Associate Professor, Department of Neurology
  • Director of Advanced Practice Providers, Neurology
Kentucky Clinic, Room J418 859 218-5007
dyha222's picture Dan Y. Han PsyD, CELM, FANA Neurology, Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center
  • Chief, UK Neuropsychology Service - Clinical Section
  • Professor of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
University of Kentucky, Department of Neurology, 740 South Limestone, KY Clinic, Lexington, KY 40536
gsherm2's picture Gregory S Herman Neurology
  • Clinical Services Technician I/UKHC