Dr. Larry B. Goldstein Selected to be Associate Dean for Clinical Research

The University of Kentucky College of Medicine has developed into a research powerhouse helping find solutions to Kentucky’s most urgent health needs.

Clinical research is vital in bringing important findings from the laboratory into the clinic to improve patient treatment. To continue to strengthen its research capabilities, the college is excited to share its selection to fill a newly created position, associate dean for clinical research.

Larry B. Goldstein, MD, chair of neurology, has been chosen to take on this role. He will begin Sept. 1.

As associate dean, Dr. Goldstein will oversee clinical research infrastructure and space; partner with clinical chairs to establish and expand on research goals; develop clinical research mentorship opportunities and enhance pipeline programs; and provide support and guidance to clinical research faculty, staff, and learners, among other responsibilities.

Dr. Goldstein’s leadership of a thriving department of neurology has demonstrated his ability to excel in this new role. Prioritizing diversity and inclusion, he established an inclusive framework for his department. He has also focused attention on the health and well-being of his faculty, staff, and learners by addressing the need for wellness opportunities.

As a clinician and scientist, Dr. Goldstein’s work in stroke-related clinical care, research, and education is internationally recognized. He has served in multiple national leadership positions and has received multiple awards reflecting his success.  He has extensive experience leading and participating in NIH and industry sponsored clinical trials, and has served on several FDA Advisory panels.

Along with serving as chair of his department, Dr. Goldstein is the Ruth L. Works Professor, as well as co-director of the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute, co-director of the Neuroscience Research Priority Area, and interim director of the UK-Norton Healthcare Stroke Care Network. Dr. Goldstein will continue to serve these key leadership roles for the department, Kentucky Neuroscience Institute, and RPA.

He is also a co-principal investigator of the Alliance for Reduction of Diabetes Associated Microvascular Dysfunction (ADAM), a team within the college’s Alliance Research Initiative aiming to discover new treatments of disorders involving this condition. He is the principal investigator for the newly awarded, Kentucky CDC National Acute Stroke Project Award, aimed at improving stroke prevention and care throughout the Commonwealth.

In spring of 2021, Dr. Goldstein was selected to serve on the board of directors for The American Academy of Neurology.

Dr. Goldstein received his medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine and completed his neurology residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center, followed by a research fellowship in cerebrovascular disease at Duke University.

The College of Medicine has been fortunate to have Dr. Goldstein on its team and looks forward to the work he’ll be able to accomplish in this new venture.