UK GME Benefits & Stipends

Postgraduate Level



First Year



Second Year



Third Year



Fourth Year



Fifth Year



Chief Resident**



*The University of Kentucky GME stipends are based upon available national data.  The university’s stipend equals or exceeds southeast region comparatives. The estimated value of non-monetary benefits is estimated at an additional 20% of income.
**The Department of Neurology’s chief residents receive additional compensation for their administrative responsibilities.  This is received semi-annually.

2018/2019 Meal Money

Hours per weekAmount per year
Less Than 40Not applicable
Greater Than 60$1,650
*Allocated based upon the average number of hours worked above 40 hours for each PGY level in each program.



First year - two weeks

Second year & above - three weeks

Eight holidays & four holiday bonus days

*In accordance with University policy and/or in compliance with board requirements

Health Insurance

UK credit for plan and coverage level chosen

Click here for more info

Parking Permit

Employee parking area

Lab Coats or medical scrubs

Three per year

KY Dental/Medical Licensure

Dental - original cost plus yearly renewal

Medical - original cost for required license plus yearly renewal

Disability Insurance

Effective after twelve months of employment

Life Insurance

Equal to the annual stipend coverage at no cost

Additional coverage up to five times stipend for an additional pre-taxed expense


Trainees are not eligible for matching contribution for the university's retirement plan.  However, trainees may contribute to the voluntary retirement plan

For UK GME Sponsored Wellness Resources click here!

The University of Kentucky and Department of Neurology values you and your well-being.  Being a physician isn't easy.  Difficulties with the current health care delivery system, maintaining a healthy work/life/family balance, and dealing with the normal stresses of everyday life can take their toll on physicians.  PWP is designed as a safe harbor for our physicians to address normal life difficulties in a confidential and professional setting.  Trainees are afforded six free sessions each calendar year.

Residents have access to taxi services from the hospital in the event they are too fatigued to drive safely. A return trip to campus is also available.