Trainees of the Month

Departmental Trainee of the Month, April 2017 
  • “I think Sushanth has shown us that his proactive approach of tackling the inevitable challenges of residency head-on reaps its rewards. His intelligence and independent thinking is clear, yet whenever constructive guidance is given, saying it once is all that is needed and Sushanth consistently takes the “Bull by the horns”. He does not shirk from pursuing the most challenging goals and aspirations. Sushanth has been a pleasure to instruct because of this. I wholeheartedly feel he deserves this recognition.”
  • “Sushanth has rigorously pursued a research question that led to both a presentation at a national meeting and publication in a high impact journal.  We are proud of the work he has done.”
  • “It is such a pleasure working with Sushanth. He is always friendly and asks if there are ways in which he can help even if it is beyond his call of duty. Sushanth’s ownership of and dedication to medical education is patent. He created the pre-recording “Adult Neurologic Emergencies” medical students are required to watch prior to their lecture, and recently Sushanth created another voice-over lecture for interns. His efforts are imparting knowledge to hundreds of students and interns to come!”
  • “Sushanth is a very good teacher. He took time to explain the thought process of how to work up different conditions. He is also nice and personable so learning from him was a good experience.”
  • “Very knowledgeable and great at taking the time to explain things to us in a way that helps us learn.”
  • “Very approachable and intelligent. A pleasure to work under.”

Departmental Trainee of the Month, March 2017 
  • "Very calm and handled a large volume of patients well. She was thorough and knew all patients well. She also took time to work and teach the psychiatry resident who worked with her on the consult service. The quality of her notes was excellent. This is one person that I will rely on for patient care. Stands as an outstanding example among her  peers."
  • "Roman is logical, systematic in her approach to patients, which is her greatest strength.  She is a great team player and compassionate with peers and patients."
  • "She is a true perfectionist, and a role-model for how things should be done for medical students.  I loved working with Roman on my General Neurology rotation. She was always kind and helpful throughout the day. She made sure that I was involved with the care of the patients I was following, and involved me on other patients for interesting physical exam findings, procedures, etc."
Departmental Trainee of the Month, February 2017 
  • "Kevin is an enthusiastic and talented first year resident. He engaged in several discussions about disease pathophysiology and enhanced the team discussions with excellent questions. He is very professional and his communication skills are superb. I enjoyed working with him and have no doubt that he will evolve as an outstanding neurology resident in the years to come."
  • "Kevin went out of his way as a busy PGY1 to contribute to our residency recruitment season.  He helped escort candidates for almost every dinner. He  even helped with tasks that he did not sign up for, even helping with child neurology interview dinners. He is the only resident who volunteered every time I sent an email requesting for help with interview day tasks.  He has gone above and beyond to demonstrate his commitment to our recruitment success, even volunteering to clean the stroke work room pre-interview."
  • “From the first time I met Kevin during his interview for a residency position, I knew there was something special about him.  He has such a contagious sense of humor and is so pleasant to be around.  He is so eager to do anything he can to help and is extremely diligent in doing everything ever asked of him.  His involvement in resident recruitment was phenomenal.”

Dr. Mahsa Haghighat 
Departmental Trainee of the Month, January 2017 
Chief Resident
  • Dr. Haghighat has been kept busy by our service lately. She does a consistently good job interacting with our service, takes good care of our patients and follows up with whatever we need (even for the mundane stuff). Just wanted to say thank you and hope she understands her efforts are appreciated. 
  • Mahsa is routinely here early and stays late to get her work done. She is so conscientious and is always seeking to improve knowledge and clinical decision-making. She is a true pleasure to work with.

Departmental Trainee of the Month, December 2016 
UK GME Trainee of the Month, January 2017 
Chief Resident
  • Jigisha Thakkar has impressed me since day 1 of becoming Chief.  She always steps up to the plate, asking how she can help and always goes above and beyond in every way.  She follows through, is so dependable and has been very instrumental in the recruitment of so many volunteers to help with interview season.  I feel as though she has earned the respect of the residents and is setting the standard high for the next Chief.  Jigisha is definitely my “go to” and I never have to doubt that she will deliver.  I just cannot brag enough on Jigisha.  She definitely makes my job a lot easier!
  • Dr. Thakkar was a great role model for the medical students.  She was very helpful in assisting us to target our presentations to relevant matters.  She also took the time to regularly teach us. She was supportive of the student role in the team process....she was very enthusiastic about teaching us first hand how to best communicate with patients.  She was a great mentor to have and role model to look up to becoming in the future.
  • Jigisha has excelled in her role as chief resident, earning respect of her colleagues, administrators and supervising faculty.  Her leadership has been conscientious, collegial, and innovative.  She has enabled significant changes to our clinical curriculum, resulting in improved morale in the residency and educational value of the program as a whole.  She has effectively advocated for the residents. She is an active participant in multiple clinical neuro-oncology studies, also having first-authored a contemporary review on molecular prognosis of gliomas. Clinically, she has been highly regarded as a patient advocate who regularly provides high-quality and thoughtful care to her patients.

Departmental Trainee of the Month, November 2016
  • I have worked with Sharoon since he started his residency. He is a great person to work with and is always willing to help with whatever is needed. 
  • His passion for child neurology is contagious. When he was in service on September and October I frequently heard pediatrics residents mention that they could notice how much he loves what he is doing.
  • He is reading and keeping himself updated constantly. He recently won the AAP Travel Grant Award for his work in the Pediatric Status Epilepticus protocol. 

Departmental Trainee of the Month, October 2016 
2016 Outstanding Teacher in the Neurology Third-Year Clerkship, awarded by UK College of Medicine Medical Students
  • Jordan was a true advocate for medical students; he was a good role model both as a doctor and as a person.  He was very approachable and knowledgeable, and a valuable resource to medical students.  I appreciated that he would give us feedback.
  • Jordan handled an incredibly delicate goals-of-care family discussion on hospital service with remarkable empathy, patience and professionalism.  It was a model interaction and instructive moment for the entire team.  He created the perfect amount of space and pause for thought and reflection, while offering well-timed reflective statements.  The family, in turn, viewed Jordan as their doctor, and felt secure in him helping to guide their decision making.  Outstanding job!
  • Jordan is fun to work with, asks thoughtful, intelligent questions, and does an excellent job with our patients and their families.

Departmental Trainee of the Month, August 2016
  • From the time she started, Emily has always been proactive, positive, and professional.  She always takes time to speak and thank me every time she sees me.  Her positive demeanor is contagious.
  • Emily has been pro-active and taken important strides to improve our inpatient handover system, a process at the heart of many patient safety concerns in the era of duty hour reform.  She has approached the problem in a professional, systematic way, and has been successful in navigating complications on the way.  Keep up the great work!
  • She took the time to teach me, and made my experience on neurology fun and interesting.  She is a great role model, how I want to be when I am a resident.

Departmental Trainee of the Month, July 2016
  • Dr. Shrivastava has shown exemplary commitment to both the promotion of resident wellness, in addition to the educational experience of rotating medical students.  He was recently awarded the departments medical student education award as he received the highest average ratings from medical students in the prior academic year. 
  • One student wrote that he is an "excellent resident with a commitment to education.  Engaged students with relevant questions and involved them in procedures.  Very approachable and knowledgeable about his patients.  A superb mentor and role model".  Another commented, "frequently pulled students aside for teaching sessions in the afternoon...consistently demonstrated enthusiasm which he shared with students".  Yet another, "always willing to take some of his own time to teach all of us, even when busy". 
  • In addition, he has advocated for and organized resident wellness activities.  He is our incoming academic chief resident.

UK GME Trainees of the Month, June 2016
  • Drs. Mauricio Villamar & Ana Albuja lead national/international efforts to raise > $60,000 for relief after the Ecuadorian earthquake last month, demonstrating their commitment as doctors to public health, and their strong leadership skills.  Apart from this, they are special residents who jointly deserve this distinction.

Departmental Trainee of the Month, June 2016
  • In our experiences with and observations of Dr. Sultan, he always demonstrates the highest standard of unwavering professionalism, leadership and kindness. He is one of the rare individuals who asks “how are you” before you even get the chance. He is always willing to help and stops by countless times inquiring if help is needed. He takes charge to remedy any situation and shoulders so much responsibility with a positive attitude. What can one say about Dr. Sultan that isn’t immediately apparent: his gregariousness, his authenticity and his respect toward everyone.
  • Dr. Sultan did a great job of taking on the medical students and helping us prepare for rounds. He was always very thorough and helpful in letting us know what we needed to do in relation to our patients and how we could help. I am glad I had the chance to work him.
  • Dr. Sultan is consistently responsible, has clear communication, and is dependable.
UK GME Trainee of the Month, May 2016
Departmental Trainee, October 2015
  • He works very hard.  He cares deeply about our patients and wants to maximize their care. He is very bright and is even a sub-I on one of our epilepsy trials.  
  • After 3 years into his residency, Dr. Zafar continues to surprise me with his extraordinary empathy and commitment to patient care. Dr. Zafar was involved for three weeks in the care of a patient in super-refractory status epilepticus as the senior resident on the pediatric neurology team and later as a sub-investigator for a complex ICU drug trial in which this patient was enrolled. Dr. Zafar worked tirelessly and showed a remarkable level of maturity. He communicated effectively, several times per day with the pediatric ICU team, the pediatric neurology team, the epilepsy research team and the patient's family. He is an exceptional individual and resident. 

UK GME Trainee of the Month, April 2016

Departmental Trainee of the Month, March 2016 

  • Kara is a great resident neurologist.  Watching her grow as a clinician has been a true pleasure. I would send a family member to her for care, which is the highest compliment I could give!
  • Kara is always advocating for her patients and her resident colleagues.
  • She is cheerful, enthusiastic, and a great teacher and role model for the students on hospital service...takes time to explain patient care to students