Training Programs


Welcome to the neurology education program at the University of Kentucky. We are proud of a long tradition of excellence in training in neurology that started in the 1960's under the direction of the department's founder and first chairman, Dr. David B. Clark. Since then, education has remained the centerpiece of our academic program and every successive chairman, program directors and faculty have continued and built on Dr. Clark's commitment to produce outstanding physicians with good neurological skills.  We have established unique educational opportunities through outreach facilities and international collaborations. We offer LCME accredited educational programs for the third and fourth year medical students, ACGME accredited residency programs in adult and child neurology and post-residency clinical fellowships in movement disorders, stroke, and headache medicine. We also offer limited numbers of four-week non-clinical observer positions to candidates (US and international) who are interested in learning the practice of neurology at our nationally renowned medical facility. Please allow us the opportunity to introduce you to our programs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at
Medical Education Mission Statement
Educational missionTo provide comprehensive academic & clinical training to enable learners to become competent to enter practice of neurology without direct supervision.
Service mission: To produce well-trained neurologists who can provide good quality neurological care to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and elsewhere.
Scholarly missionTo provide opportunities and resources to encourage scholarly activities in areas of clinical and basic research, patient care quality improvement and medical education.