Interview FAQ

What is your residency program application deadline?

The deadline for application is November 15th.

What is the cutoff point of year since graduation?

There is no cutoff. If you are not a recent graduate, documentation of recent clinical work and clinical letters of support are recommended.

Does the Department of Neurology offer pre-match?

Pre-match is not offered.

Does UK GME offer couples match?

Yes, couples match is available.

How many residency slots are available?

There are six categorical positions available in adult neurology and two categorical position available in child neurology.

How many candidates do you interview?

We interview approximately 60 adult candidates and 20 child candidates. Applicants on a wait list will be invited to interview if a slot opens.

How will I know if I have been selected for an interview?

All communication will be sent through Interview Broker. Every application is individually reviewed, so it is unnecessary to contact the Neurology Education Office for application updates. Due to the high volume of application inquiries, voicemails and emails will not be returned.

Does the University of Kentucky sponsor or accept any visas, H1 or J1?

Per UK GME policy, only J1 visas are sponsored. H1 visas are not sponsored. An ECMFG certificate is required to be interviewed.

To be invited for an interview, is it required that I have my Step 2-CS in hand?

A Step 2 CS is required to be considered for interview.

What are the USMLE Step 1, 2 CK, and 2 CS minimum scores? Is there an attempt limit?

There is no minimum score; however, a low score & multiple attempts will make the application less competitive. In the last few years, the median USMLE Step I and 2 scores were approximately 235 and 245, each with one attempt.

Is clinical experience within the United States required? If yes, how long?

This type of experience is preferable, but not mandatory.

For more information regarding UK GME Policies & Procedures, please click HERE.