Departmental Benefits & Wellness

Learning Materials

The Department of Neurology is committed to the education of our learners and offers many valuable resources.  The Department of Neurology affords our trainees an annual book stipend for self-guided learning.  Materials are available in hard-copy and/or electronic form. For a list of recommended materials, click here

Additionally, residents have 24-hour access to a private neuroscience library with dedicated resources including EEG training software, online lectures, and costly reference materials.  Materials and references are high-yielding and allow resident access without utilizing the annual book stipend. 

Finally, residents have access to the Medical Center Library which features subscription databases, electronic journals, and e-books for research in all health sciences disciplines.  This resource is available on and off-campus. For more information, click here.

Massage Therapy with Lexington Healing Arts Academy 

The University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Department of Neurology understands the rigorous demands of medical education and is dedicated to our trainees’ health and well-being.  In an effort to provide balance to long hours, the Education Office has forged a new partnership with the Lexington Healing Arts Academy!  This exciting partnership affords adult and child neurology resident physicians two, one-hour massage sessions per year at no cost.  

 Massage therapy imparts a multitude of benefits on academic stress, including:

  • reduces feelings of depression, stress and anxiety
  • reduces muscle tension
  • improves blood circulation
  • increases mental focus and stamina
  • aids in attaining more restful sleep

The Lexington Healing Arts Academy (LHAA) is an accredited, licensed post-secondary school offering career training in massage therapy, yoga teaching, and personal fitness training.  LHAA is committed to creating a community spirit in which each individual who walks through its doors is respected, accepted and appreciated!

272 Southland Drive

Lexington KY 40503




Mentorship is considered a critical element of career development and training success in our neurology programs.  All residents are paired with a more senior resident mentor and a faculty mentor to help guide you during and beyond your training experience.  Both peer and faculty mentors are excellent resources for both short- (i.e. improving efficiency, improving work-life balance, selecting research projects) and long-term goals (i.e. fellowship selection and career structuring).  While documentation of at least semi-annual encounters is required, many pairs choose to meet much more frequently, and all topics discussed can be kept confidential.

Midnight Snacks & Supplies

Neurology night-float isn't easy.  Trainees must be available at a moment's notice to lead the next status epilepticus or stroke alert.  Sometimes even finding a minute to replenish energy is difficult.  This is why the department provides quick snacks for all neurology and rotating residents. 

The Department ensures our neurons won't tire out by providing an ample supply of snacks for our workroom! Sometimes, in between the bombardment of pages, there is no time to go to the cafeteria, but the constant food and more importantly the coffee supply that is available around the clock make the night and day calls so much better. This new, little addition to our workroom is greatly appreciated by all residents. I am happy that we have such thoughtful chiefs and faculty who make resident wellness a priority along with our education.   Dr. Parneet Grewal, MD, PGY 3

Community Outreach

The Department of Neurology and our trainees understand the value of serving others outside of our hospital walls.  In partnership with the NeuroCats, not only are we helping those in need, spreading neuroscience education, but we are building comraderie within our residency programs.  We are excited to watch this new adventure unfold.

Childcare Resources are AVAILABLE!

Our residency & fellowship programs include many parents and the University of Kentucky offers multiple programs that can help support a growing family.  Read about one of our favorite programs below!

Big Blue Family Care (BBFC) is a network of current UK students, who offer occasional caregiving, such as after school, nights, and weekends (i.e. child care, pet care) to families of UK faculty and staff. Each student caregiver has passed a UK-employee background check. Rate of pay and logistics are negotiated between the UK faculty or staff member and the student. Emergency back-up care is also available in some situations, but it is rare for students to have a full day to offer childcare.  

Click HERE to find a CAREGIVER today!