Achievements & Recognition

All departmental trainees regularly participate in both empirical research and quality improvement projects. These diverse and mentored projects have lead to improvements in patient care and safety, along with being represented in prominent neurology journals and conferences. Our residents have achieved national recognition for their contributions to neurology. Take a moment to read about their accomplishments.

Sharoon Qaiser, MBBS

The Tale of Mabry Syndrome

Learn about Dr. Qaiser's experience in Eastern Tennesse visiting three original cases of Mabry Syndrome, with esteemed pediatrician, Dr. Charleton Mabry and geneticist, Miles Thompson.  For information, click here.

Lecturer, 9th International Child Neurology Conference, Pakistan

Jigisha Thakkar, MD

University of Kentucky's Brain Tumor Center, Patient Education Website

This site is a creation of a team of professionals of University Of Kentucky’s Neurology Department who are dedicated to giving patients, survivors and their families the most comprehensive care and up‐to‐date resources available for brain tumor management.

Mauricio Villamar, MD

2016 Alpha Omega Alpha Postgraduate Award Recipient

Correlation of circadian and autonomic variables with electrophysiological markers in epilepsy patients undergoing phase II presurgical evaluation

2017 Safety and Quality Recipient, American Academy of Neurology

Improvement in Time to Administration of Second-Line Antiseizure Medications After Implementation of an Inpatient Status Epilepticus Alert Protocol